Public Gateway

Secure tunnel to localhost

netsleuth hosts a public gateway service that allows your development machine to receive incoming HTTP requests no matter where you are.


Get a dedicated public URL instantly accessible from anywhere on the internet. No need to configure firewalls or port forwarding. Comes with a fully valid TLS certificate.

Stores requests when you're offline

If a request is made to your public URL while you're offline, the service will store the request and deliver it to you when you reconnect. Perfect for webhooks, this ensures that your development environment doesn't miss any state changes in external services.

Simple pricing

$5/month or $55/year per user. Buy for yourself or add unlimited users to your team.

Or have complete control with your own on-site or self-hosted netsleuth enterprise gateway. Learn more

Use cases


Community Public Gateway subscription
Free & open source $5/month per user
DevTools Network tab GUI
Use the Chrome DevTools’ Network tab with anything
Native node.js integration
Use the DevTools Network tab to inspect all outgoing requests from node.js processes
Run a proxy on your machine
Inspect requests from anything, to anything by reconfiguring your client to make requests through the netsleuth proxy on your machine
req CLI
A better CLI for making HTTP requests
Project autoconfiguration
Get everyone on your team set up with zero friction
Public URL
Get a public URL that forwards incoming traffic to your local dev env over a secure tunnel
Automatic HTTPS
Automatic, fully-trusted TLS certificates for your dev hosts
Hold requests when you're offline
When your laptop is offline, the gateway server will store incoming requests and deliver them when you are back online
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